we are socialformers

socialformers is mobileforming's social responsibility program  


 our vision 

mobileforming makes the mobile world easier to use, and we want to take that a step further. socialformers is an employee-run program designed to inspire our team members to be the change they wish to see in the world. Starting with the city in which we planted our roots—Glendale—we aim to make the world better by providing assistance and encouragement through thoughtful service. One of our favorite phrases is "iron sharpens iron," and we believe this principle applies to our philanthropic endeavors too. As we encourage change in our community that is both long-lasting and impactful, we improve ourselves and the lives of others. 

our mission 

Our 2019 mission is to educate, establish, and execute service in order to build our roots deep within mobileforming and the surrounding community.

  • To educate, we will use our #amazeanddelight and #teamwork superpowers to research the needs of our community and discover how we can best provide a lending hand.
  • To establish, we will partner with local programs that are already working to fill those needs.
  • To execute, we will dedicate employee-driven resources to one active campaign per quarter.

We will keep our ideas and minds open and not limited to a single issue, partnership, nor campaign.



our charity profiles

Amanda cares about pretty much any cause, but she prioritizes causes that focus on children, teachers, animals, and the ocean.

Cathy is an ally to the animals. 

Elena cares about the environment—with a special fondness for trees, parks, and the ocean.

Faith supports mothers and animals. 

Jason aims to be mindful of the impact of human activity and taking care of nature. 

Jim focuses on the environment and underserved communities. 

Kristle rallies behind causes that directly impact the environment, women, and children. 

Mike loves to help children and dogs. 

Nihar empowers women, children, animals, and LGBTQ+ community. 

Noeleen champions children and animals. 


our past campaigns


Park Tree Care with Tree people