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six ways to improve your company's candidate experience

By Faith Gabriel

Posted on: 07 May 2019

“So why do you think you’re qualified for this position?”

Every job application process is different, but this is one question that always comes up. It can be stressful to sit across a potential employer and answer a question that could make or break your application. How can we—as potential employers—make this process as least stressful as possible, yet still memorable? How can we improve candidate experience in recruitment stages? We can look to other companies—like—for inspiration and adjust to fit our company's culture. At mobileforming, we recognize that while the stress of interviewing is unavoidable, we can adjust how we bring the candidate through our application and interview process.

Make the application itself an easy process

Our application is easy to access—on LinkedIn or on our careers page. You’ll attract more applicants if you avoid long, redundant questionnaires. Save those for the interview. Chances are, you won’t get genuine nor accurate answers in a questionnaire that takes longer than the entire process. We create just two steps for our applicants: attach a résumé and hit apply!

Interview with Best-In-Class Interviewers

At mobileforming, we want all our candidates to be treated respectfully and equally. We make it routine for all our interviewing managers and team members to complete interview training. This is so we cultivate culturally (and legally) sound questions throughout the interview process. This Jibe article points out that relevant and fair questions are important to making candidates feel like their responses matter. The interview room is a safe space for candidates to get to know us as much as we want to get to know them.

headway-537308-unsplashPhoto by Headway on Unsplash

Stay Organized

In the same Jibe article mentioned previously, 41% of candidates reported receiving no interview preparation. We make it a point to be respectful of people’s time, so we explain to candidates what’s expected in the recruiting process from the get-go. We also always offer an itinerary to the candidate prior to their in-person interview, so they know each person they are speaking to; their role at the company; for how long they are speaking; and at which location—that way, there are no surprises. It also works out that candidates are able to plan their day accordingly.

Provide Impeccable Customer Service

With each interaction, we are committed to being high touch with: constant and timely follow-ups, real-time feedback, and transparency wherever possible. Part of this is communication throughout the process. After each stage, we'll sum up what we learned from them. This level of communication lets them know we're listening and taking this just as seriously as they are. Not to mention, we always serve snacks, coffee, and other drinks!


Build Lasting Relationships

Rejecting candidates is not the most pleasant task, but we aim to offer timely, high-touch, and gentle closures with every person that was interviewed. We never want to leave anyone hanging! Even if applicants are rejected for a particular role, we leave room for second chances. Candidates are encouraged to try again after some time—especially if they’ve improved their skills or were redirected to try other (maybe more fitting) roles. We’ve hired some really great talent this way!


Look for Ways to Improve

mobileforming is all about #continuouslearning. Part of that is opening ourselves up to feedback and learning from our mishaps. To do so, we will soon incorporate a post-interview survey to help us gather insight on how to improve.


So why is candidate experience important? When the time comes that the question “Why do you think you’re qualified for this position?” is asked, your candidate is comfortable enough to give you their best answer. Not only is their best foot forward, but yours is as well. Lever highlighted this key statistic on why we should focus efforts on a great candidate experience: 83% of talent say a negative experience can change their mind. Candidates will remember how their experience with your company is from start to finish.