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mobileforming Moms: Parenthood, Family, and Work/Life Balance

By Kristle Saneewong

Posted on: 19 July 2019
Balancing Parenthood and Best Practices

One of our founders once said that our greatest tool for success is our team. We invest in our employees from the moment they step into our office, and we have no intention of stopping that practice—especially when they become parents. 

We are aware of the barriers for women and mothers in the technology industry. Even beyond the tech industry, we know maternity (and paternity) leave is an issue in America's economy. We empower our female employees to take charge of their careers and find the work/life balance that suits them. It's not easy, but we hope that we can make the transition as seamless as possible. Bonding with your newborn and advancing your career shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Here at mobileforming, we take care of our families because we are one. Check out this short interview with our new mothers who returned from maternity leave, or read on for some highlights! 

We offer flexible work schedules to ease the transition, and we continue to keep growing. 

Snow: "I came back six weeks after I gave birth, and I came back for a few days. Then I requested work from home for a month." 

"I am more goal-oriented and my work is more efficient. Life definitely changes, and it's gone up to a higher level." 

Faith: "I did not have childcare for a full week coming back from maternity leave, and so I was able to bring my 6 month old twins to the office. I set up their play pen and play chairs and they were good to go. I was also able to nurse them during the day in our wellness room. It was the perfect picture of work-life balance."

We support each other on a peer-to-peer basis. 

Faith: "Being able to resonate with other parents and relate to the various struggles and joys of parenting has been both rewarding and insightful. It also allowed me to build relationships on a whole new level with my coworkers."

Uttara: "Having young parents in the office really helps." 

We prioritize communication and transparency from the top down. 

Uttara: "Whenever I have any issues, I talk to my HR very openly, very clearly. Because she has a newborn too, she understands everything very well." 

Snow: "He [manager, Dell] was very agreeable on maternity dates and we also talked about the workload and my backup." 

And most importantly, we encourage our employees to be better in both their work and home lives.

Faith: "I am proud to say I am a part of an organization that empowers women, empowers women in tech, and empowers mothers."

Uttara: "I feel more empowered now after being a part of mobileforming because a lot of women work here. They are always learning new things. They are very organized and very supportive. And I kind of understand what it means more now [to empower women]."

Snow: "I would say that without mobileforming I wouldn't be able to handle working and being a mom at the same time, so yeah, thank you mobileforming!" 


Striving for a balance between work and life is part of what makes our company successful—particularly in a bustling city like Los Angeles. Our team members—those new to parenthood and not—fill any gaps with trust and immerse themselves in challenging, smart goals. Our people make our best practices.